Tow-boot Rockpi4B

I am wanting to install Tow-boot on spi storage as per this link:
Can someone tell me if it works for rockpi4B? Since in the list of compatible devices it says Rockpi4C

It will not work on the A/B version of the board, as they use different device tree files.

Support for Rock Pi 4 A and B has been added to upstream Tow-boot, but there has not been a “release” with it yet.

Hello again. thanks for answering. so I am left to hope that (Manjaro) boots on nvme from SPI with the latest armbiam uboot, or wait towboot how long?

I’ve heard tow-boot is about to release a new version, but not sure how long it will take.

Manjaro not compatible with Armbian mainline uboot?
I update the question:
I was looking at the files and found all the entries where rocpi4C was listed. If I change these entries for rockpi4B could it work?