Tow-boot broken on odroid n2 plus, how else to boot?

I’ve pretty much been unable to run Manjaro on my odroid n2+ for going on a year now because tow-boot simply doesn’t function on my n2+ 4g model–the spi installer simply locks up. I’ve reported a bug to them and others have noted they have the same issue. Manjaro removed the n2+ specific image and says to use tow-boot. What other way can I use to boot the generic image?

Bug in question: Odroid N2+ spi installer menu doesn't respond / locks up · Issue #227 · Tow-Boot/Tow-Boot · GitHub

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HI, nice to see you, thanks for your bug report,

Unfortunately the Odroid n2 and m1 images don’t boot after a fresh built image, no dev gave answer about it.

Wait nobody pinged me. I was away from forum so I didn’t see it.

I might just activate device specific build for odroid devices again as there is issues with tow-boot.


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Any advice on this front. I am so tired of running old ubuntu on this device.

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The last image I built for the odroid n2 (Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-on2-2024.01.04.img.xz) is working well, did you try to build image for the odroid n2 plus ?

I’m sorry, and perhaps this is pure ignorance, but unless it’s on the download page, I’m not sure how to get an image like this. I definitely have some experience as a software engineer building things, but I’m not sure where to start building a manjaro image such as the one you described. If there’s a guide somewhere, I’ll definitely follow and report back.

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To build your own manjaro arm image find below the wiki

build images are save here :

to add or remove some packages from the edition you build edit the file

my command to build an image is looking so

sudo buildarmimg -d om1 -e kde-plasma -v 2024.02.29 -b stable n

in your case use this command for example

sudo buildarmimg -d on2-plus -e kde-plasma -v 2024.02.29 -b stable n

to my knowledge manjaro is the only arm distro to provide a user build image tool…
same possibility for the manjaro x86, when it works :-/

Error: file `/boot/amd-ucode.img` not found - #7 by

no problem if you need help to build one for arm.