Touchscreen Wayland Firefox cannot scroll or pinch

I have done the following already:

  1. Install iio-sensor-proxy via Add/remove programs or pamac install iio-sensor-proxy
  2. install Gnome Extension Improved-OSK via the new Extension Manager or pamac install gnome-shell-extension-improvedosk
  3. In /etc/environment add this to the bottom: MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1
  4. In Firefox go to about:config search for "dom.w3c.touch_events.enabled and change the value 2 to 1

But when I try to scroll on the touchscreen (with 2 fingers), it just selects text. Same when I try pinch-to-zoom.

On a side note: Gnome still does not support on-screen-keyboard to auto-appear in most applications (except Gnome applications)… this made me sad today. The Improved-OSK extension does add an icon to Panel, but then I have to toggle the keyboard on/off myself :frowning: I am understand there is not much Team Manjaro can do about this. Just a Gnome limitation/oversight for many years now.

SOLVED by rebooting after making the changes. I just restarted Firefox. I believe you need to at least log off/on again. But a reboot does the trick as well. Perhaps this info is useful for others.
Still no automatic on-screen keyboard unfortunately.

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