Touchpad Too Sensitive (Dell XPS 13)

Hey Everyone,

I’ve noticed when I am doing two-finger scrolling on my XPS, when I let go of my touchpad, it will scroll up/down slightly, even though I no longer have my fingers on the touchpad. What I expect is that if I let go of the touchpad, the screen does not move at all and stays exactly in the spot of the screen where I am at. This ONLY appears to be happening in Chrome / Brave. This is not an issue with FireFox or other apps.

I am unsure when this started, but I feel like within the last month maybe some updates got pushed. For visibility I am using libinput and libinput-gestures with my touchpad.

Is anyone else seeing similar issues?


To add some more data, seems like it only occurs in Chrome / Brave. Not an issue in FireFox, Opera, and even MS Edge.

there is an issue (of old) with scrolling speeds in chromium and all its derivatives. not sure whether yours is the same, in this case you get too little scroll sensitivity on USB mouse scroll wheels, to too much on some touchpads. there used to be switch/flag to compensate for this, but it has been relegated. if it persists your only options are to use an extension in chrome (since this only affects it and nothing else)

i use extension “Linux Scroll Speed Fix” to increase scroll sensitivity for my USB mouse. maybe you can use 1> value to decrease sensitivity.