Touchpad just enables every 2nd time after flipping convertible

Hi, I am using Manjaro with the Gnome desktop environment on a Lenovo IdeaPad Fles 5i. Everytime i flip the screen, touchpad gets disabled like intended and if I flip it back to normal the 50% of the time it gets not enabled, but the screensymbol says its activated. Its happening perfectly 50/50.

lininput debug-events while flipping:

| event2   KEYBOARD_KEY            +0.000s|KEY_F21 (191) pressed|
| event2   KEYBOARD_KEY            +0.008s|KEY_F21 (191) released|
|-event4   KEYBOARD_KEY            +0.011s|KEY_F23 (193) pressed|
| event4   KEYBOARD_KEY            +0.011s|KEY_F23 (193) released|

and while flipping back:

| event4   KEYBOARD_KEY            +5.455s|KEY_F22 (192) pressed|
| event4   KEYBOARD_KEY            +5.455s|KEY_F22 (192) released|

sorry if its obvious with that I’m a complete Noob.

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