Touchpad issue on Manjaro XFCE,

My touchpad isnt working fine . sometimes It works normally as it should but freezes more often and doesnt even move when i try to,rubbing on the touchpad moves the pointer a little this issue persists for minutes and seconds , I am really annoyed by this. help me with this,

When I boot into the system,the mouse pointer freezes for a while and then gets normal.
while using the laptop usually i surf the internet and the touchpad is left idle for sometime,then the mouse pointer gets stuck and does not work properly .Even while writing this forum the pointer is stuck ,I guess it’s happening due to using keyboard for sometime,
XD it got normal now as I was gonna submit this reply. Hope you find a Solution…

One more point , now i have switched to linux54 kernel,still facing the same but a bit less.
Update = Its happening often after i use the keyboard but gets alright in a while but when the laptop is left idle It stucks for a decade, No improvements after switching to kernel linux54

Its been hours Nobody is helping me out

Whining does not help. Read the given link (click on the little arrows), provide some info about your machine.