Touchpad gestures crashing system

I’m running Manjaro KDE with bspwm as the window manager. I’ve got an apple magic trackpad 2 and I’m using libinput-gestures for gesture support. I’ve bound 4 finger swipe left/right to the shortcut Ctrl+F8/Ctrl+F9 and then bound those shortcuts to switch one desktop to the left/right on the current monitor in the .sxhkdrc. Occasionally when I use one of these gestures my computer crashes and shows the bios screen. Oddly enough if I happen to be playing music at the time the music doesn’t stop which makes me think the os/applications aren’t stopping and it might just be some kind of display problem? I haven’t noticed it with any gestures other than switching desktops ie 4 finger swipe left/right.

I’ve tried changing the keyboard shortcut to Ctrl+F12/Ctrl+F11. I’ve tried using the trackpad wired instead of over bluetooth. I’ve tried reinstalling libinput-gestures. I’ve tried a different kernel (currently I’m on 5.10 but I’ve tried 5.13 and 5.14). Nothing has helped so far. I’m not sure how to check log files for error flags so I haven’t done anything like that.

Any help would be much appreciated.