Touchegg dumped core error

I keep seeing this long error in my logs related to touchegg.
Ill paste the full text below, essentially it says ‘touchegg dumped core, contact manjaro support’

I understand this is related to touchpad gestures; I just use the default Gnome gestures & have never used this software. I opened the Touche panel for the first time today whilst researching this error.

I checked online & it says touchegg is incompatible with Wayland, which I do use.
Also, I have X11 Gestures extension disabled, it doesn’t seem to have any effect & it often shows an error, so I just leave it off.
The only gestures I use are 3swipe for workspace & pinch zoom in the browser. + the very basic touch pad operations (2finger tap right click, 2 finger scroll)

I wondered about disabling it, but it seems perhaps this is somehow used for gnome gestures & at the same time incompatible with wayland.

Other than the error txt, it doesn’t affect me, so I could just ignore it, but I’m curious about what the issue is.

Manjaro 21.2.5, Gnome 41.4, Kernel 5.16.14, Lenovo laptop

3月 18 10:06:03 Sulaco systemd-coredump[3999]: [🡕] Process 1532 (touchegg) of user 1000 dumped core.
                                                 Module with build-id 34c0ea075a5642c584dd6db5b229d5fb28564ebb
                                                 Module with build-id 643d4362b74f55b036829781680105545e0e1ad9
                                                 Module with build-id 80d171a1b9e2e4327b393f38166fc31d2925365d
                                                 Module with build-id 7a4ba7af122c4d11168004a9ea6def330f02089f
                                                 Module with build-id 82524ee3d1c4c2244d7cfdcc1e6eea5f9855f6c6
                                                 Module with build-id db45f5d5e0f7af1e77324fea1885f974619ad268
                                                 Module with build-id eb6dae97527fc89dbb0d5bb581a15acd02ae9f56
                                                 Module with build-id e63600ab23b2f6997f42fac2fa56e1f02ce159a1
                                                 Module with build-id e1dcc2a88cfaafed882d09c90c668af0eed4efed
                                                 Module with build-id 05d0460efefd339d315812f9506aecc5a5d22200
                                                 Module with build-id 8b615460aa230708c5183f16bede67aa0437d95e
                                                 Module with build-id 72f3511cba7db578f6a2647925f35664da6c838b
                                                 Module with build-id 6fe3b6ece2c8e7d11869fa051375128d8f808f58
                                                 Module with build-id a4ba3f4b4571c8272343b621da812a6e24a202a7
                                                 Module with build-id 34aa03d6fadb52a051964f0e50a977efaea9482e
                                                 Module with build-id 5865be5fcc01b48a0a113e0145ec45529bff89a6
                                                 Module with build-id 132f0de53d66f5245cd1b1c863e1ec81f32ddebe
                                                 Module with build-id 95af755fca990df26753a7d720b8e3ae24270e42
                                                 Module with build-id 2e245c2bf12f95fd8ab79b3a4be99524677cbd70
                                                 Module with build-id aa44a40dfb223020ed8e49cd2d28fc3887128463
                                                 Module with build-id de251156cf6f2f447c5e2b8721bd913d79995d4f
                                                 Module with build-id 7f4b16b4b407cbae2d7118d6f99610e29a18a56a
                                                 Module with build-id e8d89a0fb0847641ddb75c5f03fa89d68155a75d
                                                 Module with build-id 324d9d66f01707241e31af5cc104db3c9122f4c4
                                                 Module with build-id 47761dc11e553f519cde97ed9ee985be12ccdae2
                                                 Module with build-id a7ac5010b4275c49308021200d23690533952702
                                                 Module with build-id 4761858b348db8303e872e515aa8d56c046c921c
                                                 Module with build-id 9e4bb910a2e63ba71cae0e3b89c07fdd45033ff2
                                                 Module with build-id 8ca0792d23c8b8b4c0864297512349292bea5955
                                                 Module with build-id 1c67764663e07bec24d8951e5fd93f4d165979ff
                                                 Module with build-id 45defc036e918e0140a72f1fbce6e7692d38241d
                                                 Module with build-id 919597c477c9b2cb9cdbb7745ed6494ac0e6da60
                                                 Module with build-id a05c64fe82308a309e7653685c94ce71735f8a1a
                                                 Module with build-id a9f734ea9206d637d5aacfbd86298c91cdc1a33a
                                                 Module with build-id dbb6adece34ea2766d3efcd628af8f9757344dd6
                                                 Module with build-id f1bb5ffb6203ab2907ac044a204ce3902a79f1c1
                                                 Module with build-id a1d867e093c16944b2c0083be98050ef35c9e5c2
                                                 Module with build-id eb6315bcd7526aaf51b0a1307efdc587cea0a152
                                                 Module with build-id 791e39283cdcc5a08cfd091b8cd4c59869a11278
                                                 Module with build-id 79d7e67af210407c2afe92ba8c189c8648a6474c
                                                 Module with build-id 0a237f2fd096bada4ca381eec5d64474c4078be4
                                                 Module with build-id 3a9338b2085f0af41217bc0a90ffcc941938a16e
                                                 Module with build-id 0a05c7e8714522bfbdd7c0027c3e2a94965664b0
                                                 Module with build-id b0eee5a9b660fed5221ea15139e9608282320503
                                                 Module with build-id ed1d9c9e60be4e858ad148484767249be1edf95f
                                                 Module with build-id 1161ebbcc5aa791075dfa026671875e5417287bd
                                                 Module with build-id b6357fc6b748c512f90339433d74502b9d0621dc
                                                 Module with build-id aacaa40363d304858b654728a893bc212a4ca119
                                                 Module with build-id ca4beb15a30de8d8767f7bca8222038c61b58b36
                                                 Module with build-id abbf5a8a182ea1b8b7d68540df5c2e25c0bdae0c
                                                 Module with build-id 79124bad061c2aab4ec89f25d067363d5b781114
                                                 Module with build-id edad121a4bf12166e3c0e7ab0ec4c2e26c3b0195
                                                 Module with build-id ee57ebbf2c33ad97fd7ee7327cf63f419548e64e
                                                 Module with build-id c2b8d903e7052541c788edb3bc2a3736d2933752
                                                 Module with build-id 30063d7038a0c440744aee22ff7497b48e8b1c9b
                                                 Module with build-id f90d8b734f6de9b25faedb8cbfab7054dafc0a42
                                                 Module with build-id 765508fe9812e693ac41fd3d0aedd65d7a78b287
                                                 Module with build-id 0f0921c3ff98f0afe7fafbb123581acec5f7de29
                                                 Module with build-id 845483dd0acba86de9f0313102bebbaf3ce52767
                                                 Module with build-id bb9bd2657bfba9f60bd34d2050cc63a7eb024bc4
                                                 Module with build-id 341f793dcada3a48a306a793d265a517e3f2e7d6
                                                 Module with build-id fb797f299a446f559a95afcc168227482cc800d1
                                                 Module with build-id a37bdb37744b508be9dd29fd9ccb9bb0170d43e5
                                                 Module with build-id 0d1ef11740a5daad2ee331e812a51aa6574af222
                                                 Module with build-id 97e0b9ab6ba96ebc86527cc2b3c3078aad8616b3
                                                 Module with build-id d70f24beb4fad748d6becffdcc13e51be0a2ebfa
                                                 Module with build-id 26c5f833068ff72660d1975cbc2074c3eb47fad8
                                                 Module with build-id 9fdeb38479c4090d673efc2e8cb60176efe65da1
                                                 Module with build-id 2dc0bce07f199bf983c07a05fb95a6f4af83a9b3
                                                 Module with build-id 0c1459c56513efd5d53eb3868290e9afee6a6a26
                                                 Module with build-id 7e303135e132c1d883060092e9b4cc5971a94378
                                                 Module with build-id b62ae69f839f1b6b06ef2c1df19f25ff09b0d824
                                                 Module with build-id 0cea2a842ae9a0ef02a08477076caab0e5ac5e42
                                                 Module with build-id c09c6f50f6bcec73c64a0b4be77eadb8f7202410
                                                 Module with build-id 85766e9d8458b16e9c7ce6e07c712c02b8471dbc
                                                 Module with build-id 5d817452a709ca3a213341555ddcf446ecee37fa
                                                 Module with build-id 596b63a006a4386dcab30912d2b54a7a61827b07
                                                 Module with build-id 88ad4eff81a00c684abfe0f863e87434123d8943
                                                 Module with build-id 7fa8b52fae071a370ba4ca32bf9490a30aff31c4
                                                 Module with build-id b5444c773af49f371f15e359ed4d40a1ccec60ca
                                                 Module with build-id ef86994105faf0ab94f8ba9794c9a63506b6352e
                                                 Module with build-id 1ab19051c262a2c995e86ea2b0af7e8ab70798f3
                                                 Module with build-id 8418b6a6a164774cde5db9d63d03911bb9823368
                                                 Module with build-id 0fcc81d3dfd68bddbf63423156549fc66939e8ca
                                                 Module with build-id 16603be937a02a7e61b0b0395d064be7efd86f49
                                                 Module with build-id d4e869b5c72541e1de8f96b456248987ea52d51b
                                                 Module with build-id 96411faea62997274e362f263e65082e601a787b
                                                 Module with build-id 5ba5798d193c0065014b8c6252a0678671c8d478
                                                 Module with build-id 06820af9cf79c2deb207d9533a61caf04e67a8ad
                                                 Module with build-id e23b784f3a438de1a8ace28e15e0244bd2b71f7a
                                                 Module with build-id 1303998925dd344a6a55546c2f9ce6b936c97cb7
                                                 Module with build-id 7dc938362569112855b6086de066cd6a18d1b978
                                                 Module touchegg with build-id 55ca403d6dbb52fa055e4b5b09cf9fa58b9a6d22
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1532:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998daa34c __pthread_kill_implementation ( + 0x8f34c)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7998d5d4b8 raise ( + 0x424b8)
                                                 #2  0x00007f7998d47534 abort ( + 0x2c534)
                                                 #3  0x0000562f4a36065a n/a (touchegg + 0x1a65a)
                                                 #4  0x0000562f4a38370d _ZNK3X1118getDesktopWorkareaEv (touchegg + 0x3d70d)
                                                 #5  0x0000562f4a367364 _ZN20ShowDesktopAnimationC2ERK12WindowSystemRK7WindowT5ColorS6_b (touchegg + 0x2>
                                                 #6  0x0000562f4a367933 _ZN16AnimationFactory14buildAnimationE13AnimationTypeRK12WindowSystemRK7WindowT5>
                                                 #7  0x0000562f4a3687da _ZN11ShowDesktop14onGestureBeginERK7Gesture (touchegg + 0x227da)
                                                 #8  0x0000562f4a361e9f _ZN12DaemonClient23sendToGestureControllerERKNSt7__cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char>
                                                 #9  0x0000562f4a36203d _ZN12DaemonClient12onNewMessageEP16_GDBusConnectionPKcS3_S3_S3_P9_GVariantPv (to>
                                                 #10 0x00007f7999c58de8 n/a ( + 0xf7de8)
                                                 #11 0x00007f7999d7fee3 g_main_context_dispatch ( + 0x54ee3)
                                                 #12 0x00007f7999dd60f9 n/a ( + 0xab0f9)
                                                 #13 0x00007f7999d7f433 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x54433)
                                                 #14 0x0000562f4a35ceb8 main (touchegg + 0x16eb8)
                                                 #15 0x00007f7998d48310 __libc_start_call_main ( + 0x2d310)
                                                 #16 0x00007f7998d483c1 __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34 ( + 0x2d3c1)
                                                 #17 0x0000562f4a35d49e _start (touchegg + 0x1749e)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1772:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998e1d1ec read ( + 0x1021ec)
                                                 #1  0x0000562f4a3667e2 n/a (touchegg + 0x207e2)
                                                 #2  0x0000562f4a366863 n/a (touchegg + 0x20863)
                                                 #3  0x00007f79990fd4d4 execute_native_thread_routine ( + 0xd54d4)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7998da85c2 start_thread ( + 0x8d5c2)
                                                 #5  0x00007f7998e2d584 __clone ( + 0x112584)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 3997:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998e212af __poll ( + 0x1062af)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7999dd6086 n/a ( + 0xab086)
                                                 #2  0x00007f7999d7d455 g_main_context_iteration ( + 0x52455)
                                                 #3  0x00007f799a1c1ebe n/a ( + 0x5ebe)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7999daf815 n/a ( + 0x84815)
                                                 #5  0x00007f7998da85c2 start_thread ( + 0x8d5c2)
                                                 #6  0x00007f7998e2d584 __clone ( + 0x112584)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 3996:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998e26a9d syscall ( + 0x10ba9d)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7999dd012f g_cond_wait_until ( + 0xa512f)
                                                 #2  0x00007f7999d4e963 n/a ( + 0x23963)
                                                 #3  0x00007f7999db293b n/a ( + 0x8793b)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7999daf815 n/a ( + 0x84815)
                                                 #5  0x00007f7998da85c2 start_thread ( + 0x8d5c2)
                                                 #6  0x00007f7998e2d584 __clone ( + 0x112584)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1773:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998e212af __poll ( + 0x1062af)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7999dd6086 n/a ( + 0xab086)
                                                 #2  0x00007f7999d7d455 g_main_context_iteration ( + 0x52455)
                                                 #3  0x00007f7999d7d4a2 n/a ( + 0x524a2)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7999daf815 n/a ( + 0x84815)
                                                 #5  0x00007f7998da85c2 start_thread ( + 0x8d5c2)
                                                 #6  0x00007f7998e2d584 __clone ( + 0x112584)
                                                 Stack trace of thread 1775:
                                                 #0  0x00007f7998e212af __poll ( + 0x1062af)
                                                 #1  0x00007f7999dd6086 n/a ( + 0xab086)
                                                 #2  0x00007f7999d7f433 g_main_loop_run ( + 0x54433)
                                                 #3  0x00007f7999c6914c n/a ( + 0x10814c)
                                                 #4  0x00007f7999daf815 n/a ( + 0x84815)
                                                 #5  0x00007f7998da85c2 start_thread ( + 0x8d5c2)
                                                 #6  0x00007f7998e2d584 __clone ( + 0x112584)
                                                 ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64
░░ Subject: Process 1532 (touchegg) dumped core
░░ Defined-By: systemd
░░ Support:
░░ Documentation: man:core(5)
░░ Process 1532 (touchegg) crashed and dumped core.
░░ This usually indicates a programming error in the crashing program and
░░ should be reported to its vendor as a bug.

Touchégg is only works with X11. If you primarily use a Wayland session, you can disable the touchegg service to stop it from loading at startup:

systemctl disable --now touchegg

I’m not sure why it crashes at boot, I’ve seen it happen in a Xorg session as well.

Thanks. This seems to trigger a new error…

First this…

 3月 18 20:02:16 Sulaco systemd[1205]: Failed to start Application launched by gnome-session-binary.
░░ Subject: A start job for unit UNIT has failed
░░ Defined-By: systemd
░░ Support:
░░ A start job for unit UNIT has finished with a failure.
░░ The job identifier is 468 and the job result is failed.

Then a lot of this spamming the log

3月 18 20:07:37 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Reconnecting in 5 seconds...
 3月 18 20:07:37 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Error connecting to Touchégg daemon: Could not connect: Connection refused
 3月 18 20:07:32 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Reconnecting in 5 seconds...
 3月 18 20:07:32 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Error connecting to Touchégg daemon: Could not connect: Connection refused
 3月 18 20:07:27 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Reconnecting in 5 seconds...
 3月 18 20:07:27 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Error connecting to Touchégg daemon: Could not connect: Connection refused
 3月 18 20:07:22 Sulaco touchegg.desktop[1578]: Reconnecting in 5 seconds...

You’ll want to disable or remove X11 Gestures, it requires the touchegg service to be running.

Thanks. Actually, X11 Gestures extension is already disabled. Is there something else that could trigger the touchegg daemon?

No, that’s what’s causing it. Remove gnome-shell-extension-x11gestures and touchegg if you don’t care about having touchpad gestures in a Xorg session.

Why is this extension enabled when Manjaro uses Wayland by default (when no Nvidia is present)?

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing touchegg breaks dependency ‘touchegg’ required by touche

Well, then remove touche. It’s the GUI for touchegg.

trying now. Thanks.
Something is odd about this X11 Gestures/Touche thing because even on my fresh install of Manjaro Gnome my log is neverending touchegg spam.

That did it. Thanks.
Removed completely gnome-shell-extension-x11gestures + touchegg + touche

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