Totem video player black screen on video playback

Hey guys I just wanted to report a issue I have noticed since an update that has broken video playback and now it will only play sound and the videos will be black. I tried running it in the terminal but it isn’t giving me any errors or a log on any issues. mpv and celluloid works

Intel i5 8600k
RX 6700XT

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I’ve been digging around because of the same problem with sushi (Nautilus Previewer). Seems there is a report upstream. Which points to a regression in the recent mesa 22.3.1 update.

I haven’t tried downgrading mesa to solve the issue. I’ve just been using vlc for the time being.

Update (2023/01/26)

Temporary solution is to export the following environment variable in ~/.zshenv:


For further tracking the issue, check out this GTK discussion.