TortoiseHg is not compatible with Mercurial 6.4

I have Mercurial and TortoiseHg installed from the AUR.

Recently I installed all the available updates, and now the version of Mercurial that I have running is 6.4, and the version of TortoiseHg is 6.2.2+2-b619f172c9da which is designed for an older version of Mercurial and is not forward-compatible with Mercurial 6.4. So basically TortoiseHg is now broken.

It seems that whoever maintains the TortoiseHg package has not specified the correct dependency constraints. Where should I report this?

Where did you get that from? That version never existed in both the tortoisehg and tortoisehg-hg AUR packages.

Either way, The AUR package has been updated for over two weeks now.

❯ pamac info tortoisehg | grep Version
Version               : 6.4rc-1

FYI, mercurial is not an AUR package, it’s in the extra repo.

Always a good idea to read the comments on the AUR. AUR (en) - tortoisehg