Tor installation issue

I’m trying to run Tor browser after extracting it a '.tar.gz file. I put it on /opt/tor-browser. I tried to run:
sudo ./start-tor-browser.desktop --register-app

Then a window appears which contain crazy characters and the browser doesn’t open. Any idea how to solve this?

The same above command works just fine in any other local folder such ~/Downloads. But I can’t run it from /opt even after trying with sudo.

From here?
… this is the sites installation manual …

  • unpack it
  • make the file executable
  • run it (with the appropriate switches)

No mention about putting it into /opt or using sudo
This is designed to be run from within your $HOME directory.
(create a dedicated directory instead of leaving it in ~/Downloads is … neater)

I guess you’d be better off to install it using the AUR:

AUR (en) - tor-browser

… or not …

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In addition to what @Nachlese said,

If you want TOR functionality system-wide, it is better to install the stand-alone tor package and configure it as/when needed.
Then use it’s socks5 port in your normal browser…

The Tor-browser bundle is actually a combination of the stand-alone tor package together with a special-build web-browser to interact with tor, for a single user.

DIO NOT INSTALL TOR FROM THE AUR OR ANYPLACE BUT TOR’S SITE+. Download it ONLY from their site and extract it. As for leaving it in your downloads that’s perfectly fine. My copy is in /mnt/Downloads/Browser - Internet/. Then I just drag it’s executable to where I want it and when the menu pops up I select link here. Works perfectly that way.

No need to tell me - I don’t use it anyway. :man_shrugging:

The OP didn’t read instructions and invented their own procedure which turned out to not work as expected …

If I’d be using it for security and other reasons, I’d get it from their site and as they recommend:
put it somewhere in $HOME - not system wide.

Of course it is - it’s just neater to have it in a dedicated place than intermingled with all the other stuff that is, for instance, in the Download folder.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s all very clear now.

Actually my folder structure /mnt/Downloads/Browsers - Internet/ is neat and orderly. There is no issue ever finding what I want. I see no legitimate reason to drop the folder for Tor anywhere in the home directory where one can forget to back it up and then have to redownload Tor after a fresh OS install.

I wasn’t trying to argue or imply that your folder structure wasn’t neat.
Can we leave this OT part of the thread be now? :nerd_face:

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