Tor Download Error Message - SSE2 support?

Hi people,

This is my first time using a Linux system.

I am attempting to Download the Tor Browser but have hit a brick wall at the final stages of the Download.

I receive the following error message:

“Tor Browser requires a CPU with SSE2 support. Exiting.”

Does anyone know a way that this can be fixed?

I’d be grateful for your help.

Thank you.

If your computer has a processor older than Pentium 4/Athlon64, Tor browser will not run. Which cpu do you have?

I’m using the Pinebook Pro Manjaro

Yeah. ARM CPU’s does not support SSE2 I think.

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There aren’t ARM64 builds of Tor browser :frowning:

So does that mean that I cannot use Tor on the Pinebook Pro?

Nope, SSE2 is a processor instruction, your processor literally can’t understand the instruction Tor gives it, therefore, there’s no way to run it. I had to live with a really old processor for a month and a bit when my notebook broke some months ago. That CPU didn’t have SSE2 support either (because it was old, not because it was different, like yours). To run software, I either had to find replacements, older versions of them that didn’t require SSE2, or in some few special cases, compile the code from source myself. Sometimes, the pre-compiled binaries for programs required SSE2, but the build dependencies (the programs needed to compile the software into a binary) didn’t need it, so I could grab the source and compile it myself to make a non-SSE2 build.


Guys, Thanks for your help. Much appreciated :facepunch:t5:

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