Tor Browser Stopped Loading at all, reinstall with pamac didn't do anything, had to go manual way,

[Update: Reinstalling manually eventually resolved the inability to load the browser, I don’t have much more in the way of details as to how it resolved. Again, uninstall reinstall pacmac didn’t work, doing this here: is what did it. (- Is changing the /etc/tor/torrc configuration file ever necessary in your book?)

Related question: Is it really bad to use ublock or other add ons with Tor Browser? I don’t understand what about an adblocker destroys the OpSec.

  • [warn] Tor was compiled with zstd 1.5.0, but is running with zstd 1.5.2. For safety, we’ll avoid using advanced zstd functionality.
    *** [notice] Read configuration file “/etc/tor/torrc”.**
  • [warn] Error setting groups to gid 43: “Operation not permitted”.
  • [warn] If you set the “User” option, you must start Tor as root. *( I don’t remember settings a “user” and if I type “sudo Tor” it still doesn’t work. )
  • [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Problem with User value. See logs for details.
    *** [err] Reading config failed–see warnings above.**

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I have installed tor-browser from the AUR and it’s working without any other setting.

You should remove anything in your .config relating to the tor browser and clean up anything you did with your manual install, then do a new install with pamac build tor-browser.

I have ublock-origin installed and I can’t imagine why it would ever be bad for OpSec (?) to have it. Obviously, it adds new bits of information which could help identify you because there’s a difference between your setup and the stock setup. (However very minimial, I guess.)

Also, if ublock-origin is compromised, or any of the included filter lists are behaving badly, it could leak information.

I think I really messed up my overall desktop environment config because I cannot click on anything either on my main machine. I did finally get tor browser working again on my secondary.

I’m thinking of instally fedora as an excuse to try it.