Tor Browser doesn't work on Twitter

Hi, I am bad at English. I hope I can explain my situation:

I am newbie user. I am using latest tor bundle on different OS’es (Ubuntu, Tails, Windows, etc.) On the Manjaro, Tor Browser is working flawlessly all other sites but I saw this error:

‘Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.’

This also happens to me occasionally on Firefox, which Tor is based on. The fix is to refresh the cache with Shift+Ctrl+R

Tor browser has no persistent cache. Sorry, shift + ctrl + r didn’t work.

Hi @istendisten,

I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect this is due to TOR browser’s privacy/security settings.

See, TOR browser uses the TOR network, which makes extremely hard if not impossible to track you, to keep your browsing anonymous. It also has extremely strong security measures, one of which I suspect causes the twitter problems. Especially seeing as twitter relies heavily on Javascript, and on TOR browser most, if not all Javascript is blocked.

So it’s not a bug, it’s how it works. The TOR network, and thus the browser was never designed to be everyone, or even a lot of people’s primary way of accessing the internet. It’s meant to keep you anonymous, so I recommend and only use it for things I need anonymity for.

Using Tor and Twitter ? Privacy and Twitter ? Search for the error.


Twitter CAN be private. But it’s not easy. Nor really default. Although, it’s better than Fakebook but that’s not hard.

And it’s way to network intensive for TOR.

Hi, Mirdarthos

I don’t think it’s related to settings. I downloaded the TOR Bundle on Windows and Ubuntu. I did not make any adjustments. Twitter and TOR work fine on Ubuntu and Windows.

But I liked Manjaro and I want to use Manjaro. Twitter doesn’t work with tor browser on Manjaro :frowning: Why?

I can’t add link to the answer!

You probably not a high enough trust-level yet. This was done to combat SPAM. To post a URL next time, paste it and wrap it in backticks (``). that will cause it to render like

That is unclear as to why it happens. Just checked and mine does it too. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a setting kind of thing. Not sure. But you shouldn’t worry as, as I mentioned, the TOR network was/is not designed for that kind of usage.

I think it would be better is you tried Vivaldi for twitter if you’re concerned about privacy. I do not know of any other reason to use TOR for twitter, but the fact remains that the TOR network was never designed for and shouldn’t be used for that kind of traffic.

My goal is not privacy. I use twitter to follow some accounts. Twitter and vpns are blocked on my network

I just read on one Google search about Twitter over TOR.

I have absolutely no idea why it would work on Windows and/or Ubuntu and not Manjaro. According to what I’ve seen on Reddit, Twitter is banning/has banned TOR.

So then I’d recommend a Twitter proxy (I’ve got no suggestions there.)


Look at Mastodon.

Thanks Mirdarthos

Before the latest major update, tor / twitter was working. Twitter gave an error after Manjaro was updated. I reinstalled manjaro but tor didn’t work.

I found a primitive solution. I am using a different OS/distro in the Virtual Machine.

Well, it works. At least for now. But now that you’re aware, you know what is the probable reason in the future.

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