Проблемма с экраном приветсвия и расскладкой клавиатуры

После обновления появился экран приветствия где требует внести пароль пользователя. Но пароль с латыницей, а на экране приветсвия нет возможности поменять или выбирать другую раскладку, чтоб была возможность внести пароль латынскими буквами, только на русском…
Как это исправить я не знаю. И не могу войти в систему! Попробовал сотню возможностей комбинаций клавишь, никак не поменять разкладку клавиатуры…
Может вы в новую версию добавите эту возможность с раскладкой клавиатуры!


С уважением Виктор

How did you install your system during LiveCD session? With no Latin language was added by you at that installation (Calamares usage) moment?

Have a bit more patience, I will suggest one idea to try shortly.

Method 1

Try this:

  1. Boot up a LiveCD (Manjaro LiveCD or anything else).
  2. Open an GUI file explorer.
  3. Setup it to to show you all hidden/system files.
  4. Open your drive where your system with layout problems on SDDM screen were installed.
  5. Navigate to your /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf file of your installed system (not a LiveCD’s run-time environment / root folder, but on your drive with previously installed OS)
  6. Open it with any text editor.
    The content should looks a in kind of this:
# Read and parsed by systemd-localed. It's probably wise not to edit this file
# manually too freely.
Section "InputClass"
        Identifier "system-keyboard"
        MatchIsKeyboard "on"
        Option "XkbLayout" "fr"

Edit the Option "XkbLayout" line
In example above there is only French as primary language there and in your variant you have some your language as you pictured it on your SDDM screen:
OK, now add another language(s) using comma separator(s), for example us so result whole line will looks like this:

        Option "XkbLayout" "fr,us,ru"

Note: before to add a new layout, make sure that you named and typed it correctly (search through the Internet).
7. Do not touch other lines and save the file.
8. Reboot PC into your installed OS (not a LiveCD now).
9. Move the mouse pointer over the all screen edges, try to type a few random chars in a password field in try to made it be initialized.

Does a language/layout switcher appears now?


Method 2

You need to load Manjaro LiveCD, change root from run-time environment to offline environment of your installed OS ([Fix] Can’t login - black screen & chroot guide - items 3 or 4 or 5) and than:
Keyboard layout for login screen
by adding a virtual keyboard into SDDM login screen (check SDDM not showing virtual keyboard nor keyboard layout switcher and Keyboard localisation on login screen (SDDM) • KDE Community Forums)

Anyway after your successful logon try to fix the issue properly/fully as Keyboard layout for login screen - #2 by Fabby suggests.

How is it going? Do you able to login now?
If yes, please do a double check: reboot and try to login again to make sure that it works.

Hope that will help.

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