Tooltips show under the taskbar

Hi, community,
I am new to manjaro and so far it feels so good. I am facing an issue where if I hover over the battery, updater, or WiFi icon, it shows a tooltip under the taskbar, making it invisible.
If I put the taskbar on the side (deskbar) I can see those tooltips without any issue. I would attach screenshots for a better explanation but I am not able to, probably because I am new on the forum.

Hi and welcome to the Forum!

This issue seems to be present for quite some time in Xfce.

It has been reported in the old Manjaro Forum:

Relevant discussion in the Xfce Forum:

The bug report in Xfce GitLab:

You can try some of the possible workarounds provided in the above topics, like changing the row size (height) of the panel or the size of the icons in the Notification Area.

Thank you. I’ll try and post here what works.

After trying several workarounds, reducing “Row size (Pixels)” in Panel Preferences seems to fix it. It works as expected if I keep row size to less than >=28.

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