Tools for building Arch repos?

Do you know of any tools available for building Arch Linux repositories in a continuous automatic way? :thinking:

Arch Build System or ABS for short.

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These look like requiring some extra scripting, don’t they?

What exactly is you plan? Currently we are working on a CI to update packages as soon as someone changes a PKGBUILD in our gitlab. This may lead into a temp repository until someone finds time to push them into the official repos.

My plan is anyone to be able to publish instantly any libre software they wanted, designed the way they wanted, at any given time.

And both the building and the upgrading to be fully automated. While the tool used for building the repo abstracts as many technical details as possible.

For example that just by entering something like:
buildRepo [on\off] [url]

The tool activates or deactivates a system-wide service on boot that builds the repo on an autoconfigured file server on the same machine. Crude example, just to get the idea.

Autogit can do all of what you described as long as the online repo contains a PKGBUILD, there is just no system wide service but it can be run in a loop with a timer.

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Autogit is now in the repos in unstable branch.