Toolbox package in official repository

I installed toolbox from manjaro repo:
sudo pacman -S toolbox

but having issue in starting:
~ >>> toolbox create
Error: /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid don’t have entries for user
See the podman(1), subgid(5), subuid(5) and usermod(8) manuals for more


It’s already telling you what the problem is and how to get information about it.
You can also take a look here: Podman - ArchWiki

I already tried it , facing issues in finding subgid and subuid file in /etc.
Do I have to create it?

1)you have to create both subuid and subgid in /etc .

2)podman system migrate

3)toolbox create works


Yes you have to. Assuming your username is bearbobs they could look like this:

$ cat /etc/subgid
$ cat /etc/subuid
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