Toolbox icon colors and identification

I think now the bookmark icon is irritating. For me, the bold yellow colour indicates that the bookmark is set, which it isn’t. Maybe use the yellow colour combined with the design of the old icon (outlines)?

In my case:
The flag sometimes confused with the bookmark, and when I want to make a bookmark the flag gets in the way, several times I have clicked on it unintentionally, of course, I don’t let it activate but it is annoying.

I have noticed that sometimes, when opening the “…” dots to create a bookmark, strangely enough, it takes a long time to open and the click that goes to the bookmark goes to the flag, but this has happened to me in other forums, I do not remember if here now that it is a new forum has happened to me.

But it’s worse in other forums, where the delete button is clicked when the 3 dots are pressed.
(I can’t add the image, but I just checked on another forum)


Is that better?


We appreciate any kind of feedback. Where i come from, the yellow represents ready to be used, but not set. Probably once is set will be green instead of red ?!?! @codesardine - is that the plan in the end?

Sure I can change that.