ToolBox [bmenu] Collection of terminal applications in a simple UI for Manjaro and Arch based systems (Bash TUI)


Bash scripts providing a collection of terminal applications in a simple UI for Manjaro and Arch based systems (Bash TUI).

How to install:

This package is available on Manjaro.

From source:

  • sudo pacman -Syu base-devel git
  • git clone
  • cd toolbox
  • makepkg -srci

How to use:

  • click on the ToolBox icon in the menu

  • or run it via bmenu


This project is a collection of hopefully useful tools and terminal applications in a simple UI.
Its existence is a coincidence of three people developing different TUI applications, to simplify the use of powerful terminal applications provided in Bash scripts.

@excalibur1234 was and still is developing the great PacUI TUI, while @Chrysostomus was developing a awesome tool called bmenu - also a TUI, of which I was unaware at that time and built my own ToolBox TUI.

I believe @cscs made me aware of bmenu back then, in our super fancy forum sidebar chat, which was a fun Discourse plugin!

By coincidence, Chrysostomus and I started talking about our projects (on the old Manjaro Forum) and decided to also ask and invite excalibur1234 to a discussion, in order to make a unified UI design and functionality across PacUI and ToolBox (while adding the functionality of bmenu to it), to integrate all of our applications under one TUI.

We decided to use the design of ToolBox, while keeping the name bmenu for the application, since it was already part of the Manjaro repos.

The goal was to make a Manjaro CLI tool which is easy to use for everyone, and the result is this application with the weird double name. :upside_down_face:

I hope to invite people to try and use it, maybe discover something new and have some fun with it (by accidentally pressing the “+” key in the main menu, or entering the Matrix after exhaustively diagnosing your system). :wink:

If you know about, or would like to see any other helpful tools or functionality that you miss in the bmenu package, please feel free to submit a pull request or share your idea here on the forum!


I find all 3 similar tools (bmenu,toolbox,pacui) very nice. They just did not cover my personal needs completely (missing a command or two that i wanted and having some features like the web browser or music player that i did not need). So those projects inspired me to create my own cheatsheet. I actually wanted to make the same interface but looking at the code i realized it is above my programming skills so i ended up making something way simpler.

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And for those with a certain D.I.Y. imperative:

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