Todoist and snaps

Hi there,

I wanted to install todoist web app, which comes in snaps format. As I understand, snaps is a standalone single executable to run a program. Following this tutorial Install Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks on Manjaro Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft
I have to install snapd, enable something, install todoist app and only then will be able to run it.

Don’t get me wrong, but that is stinky peace of crap, not the single file standalone executable. I use AppImages all the time and they are 100% standalone single file executables. I can have a subsystem to make my life easier, but I don’t have to - they still work out of the box just downloaded.

Did I miss something about snaps? Is there any other way to have todoist if snap thing is overcomplicated?



And Aur repository todoist ?

You are running kde, if I remember correctly kde has the snap plugin already installed for pamac (add and remove software) so all you need to do is enable snap in the pamac gui settings to install snaps. But as @pablomhr said you can install it from the AUR. All you need to do is enable aur in pamac settings

AUR has various derivatives like electron wraps or so.
Just wanted to jump onto official version which comes only in snap


Yes, I’ve found it, thanks.

As for the snaps - do they suppose to work like this?


Snap and flatpak are sort of “sandboxed” apps. They work the same as official apps but contain all the necessary depencies so tend to be larger files. Its always best to use official repo apps first but I run some Snap packages as well