Today's Update - Very Slow Download Of Updates/Kernel?


Is there an issue with the Manjaro update server?
Did an update today and it took over 30 minutes to download?


There is not a central Manjaro update server. You are using a slow mirror.

How can I change to a faster mirror?

sudo pacman-mirrors --geoip
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You can try this command :

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5

This will check the 5 fastest mirrors for you.


Or maybe the fastest in 5 random ones?

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yep i had the same issue although i prepared to use the fastest mirrors before upgrading. download-speed was a desaster.

Thx, had the same problem, something like 100 kb/s.

took 2 minutes maybe less for me. either bad server or internet connection friend :slight_smile:

waiting an hour or 2 might also help as the system admin stated heavy network traffic is flooding the servers due to everyone updating so wait a little bit and the servers should get less bloated :slight_smile:

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When a stable update is announced - the mirror traffic increases exponentially compared to normal traffic - simply because most Manjaro users is on the stable branch.

Due to the popularity of using pacman-mirrors - the up-to-date mirrors gets the most traffic in the hours after the announce has been made.


I recommend using mirrors from the country, where you live.
And then set the mirrors manually.

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Did another major update yesterday.
1.6GB took 15+ minutes to download?

Anyone know how to finally fix this?


Check your internet speed when you are doing nothing and see if results are OK according to your theoretical speed.

Do a FULL pacman mirrors ranking to find the best mirror for you.

There is nothing to ‘fix’ really in theory.

That IS fast.

I get so angry when people moan about slow speeds when it’s not really slow.

If you moan about that speed, for something that’s free, nontheless, it just shows everyone what a spoiled brat you are.

And block me, report me, that’s absolutely fine.

15 minutes for 1.6Gb is fast.

What do you mean?

All mirrors are provided free-of-charge and is run by enthusiasts - if you are not satisfied then feel free to add you own mirror to the mirror pool but don’t complain on something you are using for free.

Read the following topic and decide if you are able to contribute to the community by deploying a mirror server.

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There was also some ranking issue in pacman-mirrors (got fixed in the last update) where response time measurement for http / https mirrors was off.

Due to that ftp mirrors were ranked better than http/https ones although being slower. Maybe due to that some slow mirrors have made “to the top of your list” :man_shrugging:t2:

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