Today’s Deepin Update (9th Feb '22)

Don’t know how many are still persevering with this - I’ve noticed there seems to be no new Community Edition - but there have been a couple of updates recently and I thought I’d give you my impressions:

Good News:

  1. Window resizing is now working again. Tried it with a variety of apps and there seems to be no problems so far.

Bad News:

  1. Desktop is still slow to start. Takes a while to fully display the taskbar, but then appears to work OK. Suspect this is to do with Deepin not liking Pipewire.
  2. System Info still not working. No obvious error messages displayed.
  3. Change Wallpaper option still not working. Briefly displays but then disappears, taking the taskbar and dock with it.

I’ve noticed there seems to be no new Community Edition

I was wondering this myself… there doesn’t seem to be any explanation about what happened. Has the Deepin edition just gone belly up?

I think we just have to accept that Manjaro Deepin is now unsupported - and tbf, the wiki does make this clear. Presumably it will continue to receive updates from Arch, but it seems posting bug reports on here is not going to achieve very much.

I know its not deepin but cutefish is quite similar and seems to be still being maintained by manjaro