To the@moderators

Is there any way to change the language of the forum interface to German? I am German and find it very tiring to have to read everything here in English. You can’t assume that everyone knows (or wants to know) English these days, and for some of the forum’s mostly older users this is a very unpleasant situation.

Thank you very much, Balder

No, the option was removed with one of the last forum updates.

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Why? Arrogance towards users who do not follow the mainstream?

The forum used to support one’s native tongue — or at least, a number of them — if the browser itself used said language, but we have deliberately disabled this, because…

  1. The forum is English-spoken, with German and other languages being supported in language-specific categories, insofar as said categories can then be monitored by a moderator who speaks the language in question.

  2. Given the above, having automatic translation switched on, people who had set their browser to show web pages in their native tongue were mistaking the forum as actually being in their native tongue, with as a result that they would not seek out the language-specific categories, and that therefore, the moderators had to move their threads all the time. And this was especially the case among German-speaking members.

Therefore, given that the forum is officially English-spoken — and that English is an international language — in combination with the additional load on the shoulders of the moderators if they are required to move non-English threads into the language-specific categories all the time, it was decided to no longer support the translation feature.

Please do not forget that we are all unpaid volunteers here, and that things are busy enough for us already as it is.


I understand your concern and I also prefer a user interface in my own language (German), but there are points that you should consider:

  1. The official Manjaro forum is English.
  2. The categories for various languages ​​are absolutely optional and are only intended so that users who cannot express themselves very eloquently in English can find help there.
  3. A user interface in your own language suggests that you can write in your own language. This produced unnecessary shifts in topics and extra work for moderators.

I think a better solution would be a separate forum for different languages.

For German there is: Manjaro-Linux-Forum - Manjaro Linux Forum

So you’re implying that users can’t tell the difference?

Well, I understand … that all these are just excuses to get rid of unloved work …

Ok, so the solution is that there is no solution.

It is a grave mistake to assume something like this. That everyone is out to get you. I, myself, speak 2 languages, and I don’t like websites, or any computer-related things in my native language.


Well, seeing as you just said your German, why don’t you volunteer?

You’ve got the vision, why don’t you take up the misssion?


There were enough users that it was noticed, yes.

Sure, who wants to do dull work that can be avoided.

The solution is to accept that the Forum is English.


For a number of users, yes. For the others who make the same mistake, the sad truth is that they’re selfish and that they don’t give a damn. Many of the (newer) members come here with a sense of entitlement and/or an expectation of a privileged treatment.

So who’s the arrogant one, then?

It’s an English-spoken and international forum. Not everyone here speaks German, and if you were to spend on average 8 to 10 hours a day working your butt off to help out other people while you get bird poop for gratitude, you’d quickly come to understand why we disabled it.

By the same token, we can ask you to properly learn English instead, which, going by your first post on this thread, you don’t seem to be inclined to either. But you are only one member, and we have to cater to all members.


Lustig. Ich finde es anstrengend, Beiträge in Deutsch (oder Niederländisch oder Französisch, etc.) zu lesen, aber ich tue es trotzdem, falls ich behilflich sein kann. Manchmal lohnt sich der zusätzliche Aufwand; manchmal nicht. Der Begriff eines ‘universalen Übersetzers’ fasziniert mich seit vielen Jahren; wahrscheinlich aufgrund meiner Begeisterung für Star Trek, als ich jung war.

Mit der Popularität künstlicher Intelligenz in diesem Jahrzehnt sind wir wahrscheinlich ein paar Schritte näher an dieser Idee; und die Möglichkeit einer nahtlosen Sprachübersetzungsschnittstelle für Webanwendungen und Websites. Bis das Realität wird, müssen wir einfach unser Bestes tun.