To increase the use of "Manjaro Linux" as name?

I just had this thought that as Fedora officially cemented their name as Fedora Linux and there are MX Linux and Linux Mint etc. Maybe Manjaro should also start using the Manjaro Linux version more?

Many new users to Linux also wonder is this not the Linux i was recommended (they think at first that there is The Linux OS or so). This way as the Linux word would be indicated it would right away clear things up: “oh! there are different Linux versions and this is one of them!”.

What do you think? The Linux word would fit fine under the “jaro” part in the logo too types bit smaller and maybe as L i n u x style or so.

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Best also get on to Ubuntu, Kubuntu, KDE Neon, Crunchbang++, KaOS, Fedora, NixOS.

Hi Heidi.

I find your suggestion has a lot of merit - it would certainly be useful for people new to Linux, who might think Linux & Manjaro were somehow different operating systems. Having said that, Manjaro is relatively short, simple & known as such.

I put my faith in people realising what Manjaro is, once they start looking into Linux as an alternative & seeing it as one of the most popular flavours. Thanks for your obvious enthusiasm about Manjaro!

More power to you, Ruziel :wink:

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Also Debian, Slackware, Elementary OS, Ubuntu MATE, CentOS, Solus, openSUSE, Gentoo, Pop!_OS, Garuda, FreeBSD, Mageia, Br OS, Tails

And those are just some of 'em…

More: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

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If we’re really going to be pedantic, then Linux isn’t even an operating system. Linux is a kernel, and most of what constitutes the operating system — tools, libraries and utilities — comes from GNU. :wink:


The point, I believe, is that with people becoming dumber and dumber with each generation we must put more information into a name.

So ‘Fedora’ now has to be named ‘Fedora Linux’ so that young folks don’t get confused and think they will be putting a hat on their laptop.

‘Linux’ is more accurately defined by me as an operating system based on the Linux Kernel, rather than just the kernel itself…

So in theory, this would make sure folks wouldn’t get confused thinking that Manjaro and FreeBSD were similar.

But then folks would be confused that they can run BSD with a Gnome desktop and not be running Linux at all.

Obviously when it comes to Ubuntu, it must also be mentioned that it’s based on both Debian as well as the kernel - so UbuntuDebianLinux perhaps?


By you, and by most people, but this has spawned quite a bit of controversy, and in all fairness, Linux really is only the kernel, and the GNU people do deserve their due credit.

I call the operating system “GNU/Linux” in writing, and “GNU-plus-Linux” when I mention it vocally. Not to be a politically correct Wokemon™, but I do recognize and wish to acknowledge the efforts made by the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project. :wink:

GNOME on BSD? Are you sure about that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

GNOME has systemd as a hard-coded dependency, and systemd is tied to the Linux kernel. Of course, there might be shims at play, but to the best of my knowledge — and I am certainly not immune to being wrong — any GNOME version later than 2.x does not run on BSD anymore. :thinking: :man_shrugging:

I was looking at this:

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I’m guessing they’d be using a systemd shim then. :slight_smile:

A shim is not necessary, just use the meson argument -Dsystemd=disabled and no systemd is required.


This is along the lines what was meant yes :grinning: indeed Fedora changed the name officially to Fedora Linux.

“Manjaro Linux” form can often be seen already, actually.

That was an example how many new comers could see Linux: they Google “Linux OS” and become confused as there is no such thing but rather “Debian”, “Ubuntu”, “Pop!_OS”, “elementary”, “Solus”… Then they start to bang the table and yell “but i wanted to try this LINUX! Where is it!?” :smiley:

So the main point is that adding the word “Linux” to more distribution names would probsbly help the confusion quite a bit; “oh, now i see! there are many Linuxes versions! OK so let me take this Manjaro Linux then at first!”.

I don’t know if this was the reason for Fedora Linux doing the name addition, but they did it.

Ah well - there aren’t many Linux Versions. Thus the confusion isn’t removed - you can say ‘Manjaro, a distribution of GNU software based on the Linux Kernel’ I suppose…

The problem is that people often just forget the details and go with the brand - and that’s why ‘Manjaro’ on it’s own against ‘Manjaro Linux’ is hardly much different.

Someone who wants to learn will quickly come to understand “distros”.
I dont really see much benefit in striving to always mention “linux” when saying manjaro.

Someone from outside the art world might think speedball is referring to some illicit combination. Does that mean artists while speaking to one another always say “Please pass me the Speedball Art Ink” so that everyone knows they are talking about the art supply company instead of “Please pass me the Speedball ink” or even just “Please pass me the ink”? Of course not.

Please excuse me if this sounds harsh … but I dont think bending over backwards to assuage some basic ignorance on the part of some minuscule number of possibly-would-be-users is really a good use of anyone’s time.

At least not much more than what is already offered in the way of explanation, such as on the Manjaro homepage:

Manjaro is a versatile, free, and open-source Linux operating system…

The term Manjaro Linux is mentioned many times in the wiki.

I think it’s already clear enough.

I think the actual problem is people not understanding what Linux actually is let alone what GNU is. See @Aragorn’s replies above.

There are already plenty of articles explaining what they are as well as listing the many distros available.

Closing as this topic is going nowhere.