To add or not to add users to video group

For Gnome (latest) Is it required to add gdm to the video group? I’m seeing it in various locations people either recommend or advise, one specifically nvidia developer forums recently


Is it recommended to add yourself (user) to video group?

sudo usermod -a -G video gdm

That article was published in: 11/30/2022 and is for gdm3.8 … Now we have gdm 44 … The only thing you need to do is enable early KMS as described here NVIDIA - ArchWiki

More on Wayland - ArchWiki where is explained what nvidia driver versions will now work for wayland. No mention of usermod at all.


GDM runs with systemd. There it runs as root. The group video is only needed if it runs as system user, so that the user gdm has access to the gpu, root has it anyway.

ps -aux | grep /usr/bin/gdm 

The use gdm is only needed for its home folder:

cat /etc/passwd | grep gdm

Anyway, I guess Ubuntu/Debian runs it as user gdm, while ArchLInux/Manjaro runs it as root. Therefore, you see the recommendations which refer to Debian/Ubuntu.


What about in the interim of running X.Org rootless? Does that have any effect on it?

No effect for X: Users and groups - ArchWiki Some legacy applications still need it, so it will stay. :man_shrugging:

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Couple solutions here

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