Tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict

Conflicting dependencies flagged when trying to update gnome with Package Manager: tlp and power-profiles-daemon are in conflict. Installed fresh version 21.12, the most recent available via Manjaro ARM Installer, on RPI4 and had the same dependency conflict when trying to do a Package Manager update after installation.

The work-around is to remove the tlp package before doing the update.

This problem should not exist for a fresh install of the latest stable version, imho, if you are trying to get an audience beyond hobbyists.

Tlp should not been installed by default. Also gnome does not need it, hence the conflict. @Strit

As this was not an issue before, I assume that something in the gnome profile gained power-profiles-daemon as a dependency, hence it’s now creating the conflict.

I’ll remove tlp from the gnome profile.