Tk not configured to work with python, pyenv

Hello again, everyone. I’m really in over my head with a python issue and I humbly request your assistance if at all possible. (I also am very terminal illiterate, so assume I know almost nothing ahaha).

The quick rundown:

  • Trying to run Kohya, but needs older python version to run
  • I installed pyenv and have successfully got 3.10.11 running locally in the Kohya folder
  • When I try to run the application, it flags that I don’t have tk, even though I do? or that it’s not configured correctly at least

    While I am illiterate as I say, I have been messing around with this long enough to realize that the path in the image is the path to the pyenv shim for my python version in there, but my “system” tk isn’t the one being utilized inside of this shim, and for some reason, this shim just isn’t working correctly for tk.

I certainly have tk installed from the official repository, and have done the pip command for it in the picture as you see.

The “short” of it would appear that I need to fix something inside of that pyenv 3.10.11 folder, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that or understanding what needs to change there.

Any help is appreciated, but it’s VERY likely to go over my head unless it’s very clear and direct ahahaha. Again, in over my head.

Thanks! <3

Someone on reddit also suggested this old post, but he’s not familiar with Manjaro, so idk if this is useful or not:

I also found some source files or something for the same version of Python if I need to copy/paste something from it or something:

I really appreciate your time and wisdom on this.

I’ve actually uninstalled and reinstalled the python version, and typed the command “import tkinter as tk” and it seems to have worked!!!

Sorry for bothering you guys. I’m going to leave this here because it might help someone in the future. If you have something to add, by all means, please do.

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