Titlebar from some applications is gone


I’m using Manjaro for some months now, Linux for about two years, so sure I’m not an expert. Until now i managed to fix my problems by myself, but with this one I’m really stuck.

For some applications, e.g. KeePass, Signal Desktop, balena etcher, bitwarden, AnyDesk; the titlebar is gone. I cannot move the window on the screen, or close it with the mouse. Other Apps like Firefox, Geary, Terminal are not affected. I don’t want to reinstall, so it would be very glad if somebody could give me some tipps :wink: Is there any setting oder key-combination?

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If you have the pop-shell extension enabled: There is a function in the menu for showing / hiding title bars.

Totally not sure sure if this will work but a different theme in kvantum manager might change the behavior.

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Solved my problem, thank you!