Tip on KDE widget as popup app-tray from taskbar?

An icon in taskbar / panel, click it and a box pops out with app icons you’ve put there yourself, if you click the app the app opens if you click somewhere else, the popup disappears.

Like the Application Launcher or most of the standard icons in System Tray behaves. But containing launchable apps of my own choosing.

Is there such?
Doesn’t really have to be specifically a widget, just guessing that’s most probable to exist.

I believe you are describing the “Quicklaunch” widget.


That was exactly what I was looking for.

It seems to be broken, just shows a gray row and not the apps I put there, but maybe fixes itself with a reboot. I’ll dig some.

Thank you!

So just experimenting with it here real quick.

It appears by default it acts like a little set of ‘pinned’ launchers, ex, right on your panel.

At first it will have none, but if you add a launcher it will become populated.

If you configure the setting “Enable Popup” it will show a small arrow and, when clicked, a small widget popup window. This popup area will be empty in its initial state.

You can then drag launchers into this empty area.

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Ahhh, It’s a 2-stepper, I have to drag them from the widget-panel to the widget-popup after I’ve added them to the widget as a whole.

I’m following. That worked.
Big thanks!

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