[Tip] How to make Qtvkbd works on Wayland

Hi everybody,

here is a solution to make Qtvkbd (a Virtual Keyboard for Kde plasma) works on Wayland.

Kde bugs team told me that the built-in keyboard was dropped in 5.20 in favor of external virtual keyboards. So I will help you to install Qtvkbd who is a powerfull virtual keyboard (better than the default qtvirtualkeyboard).

Let’s go.

  1. You have two choices:

First, compile the source by yourself. Go to the GitHub - Alexander-r/qtvkbd: A virtual keyboard website and read the INSTALL file.

The second, install the AUR package available here
Note: Don’t forget to install dependencies.

  1. You must edit /etc/environment file and add these lines :


  1. Logout your session and then login.

  2. Launch Qtvkbd software in the menu.

Note: If you want that Qtvkbd is launched at the start of the session, add an entry in the autostart software section in the system settings. Define qtvkbd -m command line to minimize it in the systray.
On the virtual keyboard, you have two buttons, one is to close the virtual keyboard and the other is to open the numeric pad.
If you have questions, please ask me.