Tinkering too much with gnome "theme"

Hi There,
I tried (failing) a few themes (arc, adapta-maia) from official repository, with the purpose to have gnome windows with a less thicker titlebar. Along the way I learned a bit about gtk3 gtk4 libadwaita and reasons why theming in gnome is not easy. Overall I experienced a few UI color inconsistencies or just disliked proportions. Also, seems the only combination working well with the “dark style” gnome-shell switch is adwaita (the default).

So I went back to default, but seems a glitch is left. See picture. When I switch to “dark style” gnome file partially turns dark. The file list frame background remains “light”.
Suggestion how to fix it?

Many thanks!

for future readers: solved. I was already thinking to reinstall manjaro (with kde: quite radical, I agree) when I tried the following:

  1. created a new user
  2. login to new user
  3. verified gnome file and other apps are consisent with “dark mode”: for example gnome “file” app turns all black when in dark mode
  4. compared .config between the new user and the user with issues
  5. verified that .config/gtk-4.0 is only present in the user with issues
  6. verfied that .config/gtk-3.0 has only “bookmarks” file in the newly create user, no other .ini or .css
  7. aligned the user with issue with the newly created user, e.g. removed dir gtk-4.0 and .ini and .css in gtk-3.0

Now all is back to normal. Applause to me! :slight_smile:

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