Timeshift System info says I made a snapshot of Nibia OS instead of Kde. How can that be?

Yesterday I did a new succesful install of Kde Plasma on my second partition. Followed by a new install of Nibia OS on a third partition.

Then I decided to activate Timeshift on Kde Plasma. Timeshift is not activated on Nibia at all. The strangest thing though is that the System Info in Timeshift (located at my Kde Plasma partition) says that I made a snapshot of Nibia.

What went wrong? I opened Kde Partition Manager and I noticed something odd about the mount point of Nibia: it was mounted at run/media/… Never seen something like that before.

There is plenty of diskspace on my Kde Plasma partition. And I double checked that I actually located my Timeshift snapshot on my Kde Plasma partition. How can it be that the System Info of Timeshift mentions “nibia” as the system?

Nibia is just the Release Name of Manjaro 20.2

Every Manjaro system that is up to date, like your KDE install, is on Manjaro 20.2. Therefore the Fancy System Release Name of your Manjaro KDE install is “Manjaro 20.2 Nibia”.


I guess I am fully entitled now for winning the prize of manjaro newbie. What a newbie mistake of mine. Oops. Nothing is wrong with my Timeshift installation at all…

So glad it was no serious problem whatsoever to begin with and many thanks xabbu for your quick reply and very helpful explanation!

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