/timeshift/snapshots contains snapshots but timeshift does not detect any

I have ran manjaro-chroot -a from a live usb in order to restore a timeshift snapshot. When I cd to /timeshift/snapshots, it contains snapshots. However, timeshift does not detect any and says that my /dev/sda1 (main manjaro installation) “does not have a linux partition”.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

From what I understand how it works, there should not be a need to chroot.

Simply boot a live system - like the one you did the chroot from
but don’t chroot
just install timeshift in the live session (it might even be already there)
mount your disk
start timeshift
and from within this (temporary) timeshift installation
browse to your snapshots …

How to Backup & Restore Linux System Settings With Timeshift

Section B, Nr. 2