Timeshift-GUI not opening

Gnome testing (Wayland): clicking the .desktop ==> pkexec-requester comes up,
Timeshift does not start
Edit:(Only when using x11 Timeshift starts.

Zsh (Terminal (Wayland))


localuser:root being added to access control list

(timeshift-gtk:36313): Gtk-WARNING **: 12:13:25.175: cannot open display: 
localuser:root being removed from access control list
access control enabled, only authorized clients can connect

Probably the same problem as mentioned here:

sudo -E timeshift-gtk works, but it is not recommended.
The error lies somewhere within “polkit” - a fresh installationn (Wynsdey)
→ the desktop start works!..
And, Gufw doesn’t start either.
the polkit requester wants to execute: /bin/timeshift-gtk
but the correct path is /usr/bin/timeshift-gtk.
the path /bin/timeshift is just a link to /usr/bin/timeshift
as /bin is a link too.
the reason is Wayland (I think, but can’t prove it)
– on X11 Timeshift and Gufw are starting correctly.
Maybe wayland is too stupid (the actual version) to handle paths?

The final solution and the reason is annoying:
when I remove the file ~/.zshenv in my Home-directory, everything works normally.
The contents of this file is as follows:

# vim ft:sh
# 'export' should presents, it allows env. variables to be used by other programms
# export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 # for OSX
# export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
# make sure LC_CTYPE is not 'C' in order vim and others could determine russian for example
# on ubuntu: apt-get install language-pack-ru language-pack-ru-base
# export LC_TIME=ru_UA.UTF-8
# export LC_MONETARY=ru_UA.UTF-8
# comment file /etc/zsh/zprofile in ArchLinux

# ~/bin should be before any other path
[ -z "$HOME" ] || PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
export PATH
# OS  specific zshenvs
# case "$(uname)" in
#   ("Darwin")
#     source ~/.zshenv.osx
#     ;;
#   ("Linux")
#     source ~/.zshenv.linux
#     ;;
# esac
# local zshenv
[ -e $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv.local ] && source $ZDOTDIR/.zshenv.local
export EDITOR
export PYTHONSTARTUP=$HOME/.pythonrc

The develish line: PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin
is the only reason for waisting time. My ZSH works without .zshenv now…
(.zshrc used only)
PLEASE comment!

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