Timeshift deletes data?

Hello I am new to manjaro & am trying to use timeshift.
However the last time I made a RSYNC snapshot several folders were deleted from my HD.
Manjaro system is installed on a SSD and I had folders with data on my HD which were deleted during my snapshot creation?

Root & Home folders were set to “include all files”
In “include/exclude” patterns “root” was first and “home” was second

Whats going on? Why are folders, files and data being deleted???
Please help!

Timeshift should not remove folders or files when creating a snapshot.

You SHOULD NOT include the root and home folder as explained by Timeshift creator.

OK, I was not aware that you are not supposed to include ROOT&HOME.
So from what I understand Timeshift IS specifically used for saving kernel config, system settings, programs, etc & NOT personal folders/files… Correct?

Timeshift is designed to protect system files and settings. It is NOT a backup tool and is not meant to protect user data.

Entire contents of users’ home directories are excluded by default. This has two advantages:

  • You don’t need to worry about your documents getting overwritten when you restore a previous snapshot to recover the system.
  • Your music and video collection in your home directory will not waste space on the backup device.

You can selectively include items for backup from the Settings window. Selecting the option “Include hidden items” from the Users tab will backup and restore the .hidden files and directories in your home folder. These folders contain user-specific config files and can be included in snapshots if required.

Note: It is not recommended to include user data in backups as it will be overwritten when you restore the snapshot.

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OK thank you for the quick response & helpful info,
I will be sure to read up!

I use Timeshift for system backups and Back In Time for user data backups.

Someday, @nightmare-2021 might write up a guide for his bulletproof backup scheme. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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