Timeshift-autosnap-manjaro does not autosnap with pamac

Hello all!

I took a manjaro-cinnamon to a test drive, and I quite like it. My issue is that whenever I use pamac as opposed to pacman / yay, the autosnap feature does not work. My conf file is the default with the only change done to it is the number of retained snapshots (3 → 6).
The scheduled backups are turned off (if that matters or anything).


Edit the /etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf file and set:


By default, skipRsyncAutosnap is set to true, which means the autosnap is not created for filesystems other than btrfs.


Oh sorry, I should have added more details.
I am on btrfs with the following level 5 subvolumes: @, @home, @log, @cache and @swap.
Timeshift is set to btrfs without including home.

Made this edit but it still doesn’t work for me. Rebooted as well, just in case that would make a difference.

Would appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you.

Which filesystem are you using? Also make sure you have timeshift-autosnap-manjaro installed.

I’m using ext so I’ve selected rsync in the timeshift gui. I do have timeshift-autosnap-manjaro installed as well.

I can do a demand snapshot from the gui.

I can also manually create a snapshot by calling"sudo timeshift-autosnap" which installed in the /usr/bin folder

WHOO! HOO! it works. Thank you so much for your help.