Timeout trying to connect on one computer, but able to connect on others

Trying to connect to work’s F5 vpn on my desktop.
Was working just fine and able to connect. But sometime a couple weeks ago, no longer able to connect on desktop. Do not know what changed.

For those not familiar with F5, you authenticate via website and then it will automatically run local vpn client.
I am able to pull up the website but it takes a very long time. Able to login, again takes a very long time but logs in. And then when it tries to connect, fails for a timeout.

However, able to access vpn website and connect to vpn just fine on 2 other machines: a Windows laptop and a Manjaro laptop. All of these are on the same LAN. The only difference is that they connect via Wifi while the desktop is connected to same router via Ethernet.

Not sure how to fix this. It seems like an issue with my Manjaro desktop since other machines can connect. And it seems some kind of excessive slowness issue rather than not being able to connect at all. Also, the desktop has no issues connecting to other websites, just this one.

Figured out the issue. I forgot completely about the etc/hosts file.
Looked in the hosts file and for the website there were somehow 2 different entries to the vpn URL. Looked at my other 2 computers and figured out which one was correct. Removed the other entry and saved.
Now it connects just fine.

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