Timed Wallpaper does not work in dark mode since update 2023-06-04


since the last update the wallpaper was set to an “default??” one after the update.
To solve this, i tried to add my old timed wallpaper.xml in “Settings → Appearence” by “+ Add Picture” but with no luck.
The Time based Wallpaper did not appear as “Background” to select.
So i added two Pictures as temp workaround and this worked fine.

At next i tried to add the wallpaper.xml via “Tweaks → Appearence” for “Background” and “Lock Screen”.

This was a partial success. BUT the Wallpaper.xml only works for the light mode and not for the dark mode.
And i use dark mode …

Here is a screenshot.
“Default” shows the time based and the “Dark” shows the temporarily added wallpaper.

Is this a Bug?

Thanks for your help!

I solved it.

Don’t know if it’s the right way, but it works.

I opened “Dynamic Wallpapers” and added the xml to Light and Dark mode.

After “Create” was clicked, the Wallpaper appears in the selection (Bottom right).

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