Timed out waiting for device disk/by-uuid/


since the last update my system does not boot anymore.
Only the following error message appears:

Timed out waiting for device disk/by-uuid/*hash_of_disk*
Dependency failed for /mnt/*same_hash_as_above*

I’m able to open a new session, but I have no clue what I can type in to fix my problem, because I’m new to Linux. I’ve tried to find a solution via search function tho.




check fstab with cat /etc/fstab which mountpoint this partition have. Then check with sudo blkid if the UUID is correct. Correct the wrong UUID with the one blkid with sudo nano /etc/fstab (write the correct one there.

Or just comment this partition out if it is not the root or boot partition with “#” at the beginning in /etc/fstab and correct it when you logged in.


Thank you very much. This is the solution. :smiley:

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