Tiling layout (Material Shell) hotkeys not working properly


I tried the tiling layout in manjaro gnome and love the concept, but I have problems using it with the keyboard. The most basic things seem to work, with the exception of the super+s and super+w shortcuts (switching workspaces). The problem seems to be that the hotkey events do not reach the material shell extension, because I can’t set those combinations to any other action in the settings. But I think there are also no native gnome shortcuts set to those, so I am not sure what I am missing here.

Using the website extensions dot gnome dot org I already updated, deleted and reinstalled the extensions, everything with no change of behaviour. Of course, it also means that now I do not use the pre-installed version anymore, in case this is important.

(Of course I can set other shortcuts, but to be honest, using WASD is pretty intuitive and ergonomic.)

My system is pretty much the manjaro gnome default (setup is a few days old), with the following changes:

  • Kernel 5.14.0
    • reduces crashes of my new computer to almost zero, probably due to my hardware combination or a bug in processor support, not sure. It was the reason I switched to manjaro from the Ubuntu LTS recently.
  • I think that’s it.

I am using the german keyboard layout (macintosh), if that’s important. Does anyone have (had) the same problem or an idea what I might be missing?

Wow okay I just found a workaround, after I struggled an hour today and a few yesterday with it :D.

  1. Use the gnome-settings and set an arbitrary shortcut to super+s and then to something else.
  2. Repeat it with super+w (make sure to set it to something else afterwards).
  3. Then, if the material shell hotkeys are set up properly, it should work (at least for me).

That was a bit random for me to be honest. I guess gnome-shell did not properly release this key event for some reason. Still, not sure which side actually causes the problem, either the material shell setup or gnome…


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