Tile windows with <super>(windows) + arrow keys

In Mate and Cinnamon it is possible to tile windows with: (windows) + arrow keys

I see that dragging has some autosnap but is not as good. I have been looking vor xfce Shortcuts but i cannot find them. I als o cannot find a package or plusgin to enable this.

Does anyone have an idea as to how to mimic this behaviour?

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In Xfce this works in a different way. You hit a key combination and the window gets in a “resizing mode”, where you can press the left/right/up/down arrow keys to resize the window.
After you’re finished with resizing, you hit Enter to complete the action.

By default the key combination for this action is Alt+F8, but you can define a different one in Settings Manager → Window Manager → Keyboard (tab) and look for the Resize window keyboard shortcut.

Other ways for resizing windows can be found here:

I found F8 indeed, but i also watch the video on the site and i found out just a second ago that these exact shortcuct actually also work in xfce the only need to be assigned to the correct shortcut in the the window manager/keyboard (Tile window to the top/bottom/left/right).

Your asnwer on resizing was correct, i just dit not phrase the question right

Hoping this also helps others. Thanks for the reply.

I completely misunderstood what you were asking in your first post. You should have specified that it’s about tiling windows, not resizing them.

You’re absolutely right, i adusted the post and the title

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