Thunderbolt - mostly working but not 'accepted', etc

Hi team -
I’m running Plasma 5.26.4 on kernel 5.15.81-1 on a system76 GalagoPro 5, trying to solve a weird Thunderbolt issue.

I’m using a CalDigit TS3 Plus and lspci shows my Galp5 TB support:
“00:0d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Tiger Lake-LP Thunderbolt 4 USB Controller (rev 01)
00:0d.2 USB controller: Intel Corporation Tiger Lake-LP Thunderbolt 4 NHI #0 (rev 01)”

All the peripherals work, but power support works on power-up only about 60% of the time. If it’s not there on start up I disconnect and reconnect the TB connection and then it’s recognized. So, something isn’t seen.

I’ve installed bolt and the related libraries and this is what KDE shows:


Not sure if the image shows. Hope I didn’t botch that. Anyway Bolt shows not TB devices…which is odd.

Anyway… your thoughts welcome.


Any thoughts about this issue ?

BTW… adding the screen capture.

Try to run lspci.

Did you set any kernel parameters? What’s in the journal?

hi, and thx for the reply.

I did run lspci and that’s where I got the contents of the 2nd paragraph. Seems like you’re saying I should have added a parameter. Not sure what that would be.

Nope, didn’t set any kernel parameters. Don’t know how to do that or what the contents of the command would be.

Which journal, and how do I produce it, please?