Thunderbird "version" problem on Manjaro x86_64 vs aarch64

I’m getting ready to ditch Windows by trying Manjaro 20.10 on my Intel machine (via USB)). The problem is, I need to share Thunderbird mail files between that system and my Raspberry Pi 4 running the ARM version. BOTH actually have Thunderbird 68.12.0, as verified from the command line. Yet the Intel version refuses to open files from ARM, saying it has an older version than the Pi system. WHAAA??? I’m using the Thunderbird from official repositories, stable versions, on both systems.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.



If you are using IMAP, then you could enter the name of the Email account and password.
Then you can let download all Emails.

Thanks for the workaround idea, but I don’t use IMAP, just POP. I really need the two platforms to be compatible. I’m hoping there’s some configuration issue I missed, or that an update can fix this.

How did you transfer the data from one machine to the other ?

I have an encrypted USB chip (Veracrypt) that contains the files. I mount it on either system. It always worked until it didn’t.

In any case, the question is moot now, since x86_64 now has upgraded Thunderbird to 78.x. Thus there is a real version difference with ARM now. Version 78.x on x86_64 opens the files. I’ll hope when ARM follows, the result is consistent with it as far as file format. Thanks, though!