Thunderbird update 91.1.0

I received 9.9.2021 Thunderbird online update from version 78.14.0-0.1 → 91.1.0-1.

All OK except, when I put PC into suspend mode with Thunderbird session on, it remains frozen (does not react to any commands) after my returning from suspend mode to alive mode. I have to reboot PC in order to make Thunderbird working again.

What can I do about it ?

I have used suspend with Thunderbird 91 for some days now without issue.

Did you reboot after the update?

@Strit Yes, in case it was required, but now I cannot remember no more. Should I reinstall it ?

Restarting Thunderbird also doesn’t work?
Are there any error messages visible when you restart it on a command line?

@freggel.doe As I informed restarting TB or any other TB action does not work, TB is frozen. Not error messages. After rebooting works again normally. I’ll reinstall TB version 91.1.0 now from Pamac and let’s see what happens.

Edit: I deleted TB with Pamac, rebooted PC and installed TB from Pamac: now when I put PC into suspend mode with Thunderbird session on, TB works OK after returning from suspend mode. So, deleting TB, rebooting the PC and installing TB again solved the problem.

When I wrote “restarting” I meant killing the old process and starting a new one…

@freggel.doe @Strit After 1 day the reinstalled Thunderbird 91.1.0 started to freeze again today, only rebooting PC or start from Thunderbird in Pamac made it run again for a while, but some commands were missing, for instance ‘Reply to …’ . So, I deleted that installation and installed instead from Pamac snap package Thunderbird 78.13.0 , 367,8 Mt, it seems to be working.

The ‘deleted’ installation 91.1.0 was still in PC after installation of the said snap package. But now after my complete shutdown of the PC has ‘killed’ old TB 91.1.0 process. Quite strange behavior from TB version 91.1, since I’ve been using TB for years without this kind of mess.

Please ask if/instruct me, if can I can help you by digging out from my PC something which is somehow helpful in sorting this out from this version 91.1.

I deleted ‘Solved’ from my previous reply.

Did you try disabling all extensions and/or with a fresh profile?

@freggel.doe Thank you for asking, but I’m not sure I understand your questions. But I try:

In TB 91.1 and ealier versions I did not have extensions. I did not try any new profiles, I tried to use the same TB settings as I used earlier with only goal to get my emails up and running (in and out, copy here, copy there, archive there and there etc. all very basic things) like they (i.e. settings) have been for years in TB. But TB 91.1 - for some reason - just got frozen without any error or other message and did not respond / react no more to any commands from keyboard or mouse. The only thing what helped was to delete it.

I’m not sure if this answered to your questions. :grinning:

Kinda: you don’t use extensions - so it’s not that.
But you have been using an older profile - which might or might not be involved in this. I don’t know.

I’m using current thunderbird with quite an old profile (several years) myself and luckily don’t experience the issue you’re describing :man_shrugging:

@freggel.doe I saw in Pamac new version of TB 91.1.0-2 from official sources and wanted to try it. So I uninstalled snap package TB 78.13.0 , shutdown the PC and after fresh restart installed new TB 91.1.0-2. I tested suspend with this new TB on and it works OK, i.e. no more freezing. Hopefully it will stay like this and mark this so far as ‘Solved’. :grinning:

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