Thunderbird: Unable to connect to your IMAP server

Whenever I start T’bird I get the following warning. Full up to date,problem began after the last but one update. The latest update being today. I only have two E-Mail accounts.

"Unable to connect to your IMAP server. You may have exceeded the maximum number of connections to this server. If so, use the Advanced IMAP Server Settings dialogue to reduce the number of cached connections. "

Did you try to “to reduce the number of cached connections” as advised?
Does it help?

Yes, I finally found ‘where’ to do it, reduced from 5 to 2. No change.

This might not even be a thunderbird problem. The server is available and IMAP is working?

Yes indeed, sincerest apologies all around. It WAS the ISP! Just an unfortunate coincidence with updates and my knee jerk diagnosis! All good now.

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