Thunderbird - two Windows ==> workaround

when I started “Thunderbird” (115.6) on up to date GNOME (branch: stable), it opened TWO identical windows.
The content is initially the same. The windows are exactly on top of each other.
I only noticed that because this computer is so slow…
However, in one window you can see the inbox, in the second select sent.
If I close one window, the other disappears too.
When you re-start, both windows have the content of the last session.

Whereas the Task-Manager showed only one instance of “Thunderbird” running…
Trying this and those, the workaround I found:

Go to terminal. Type “Thunderbird -P”. Create a new profile. Start Thunderbird.
==> Thunderbird opens ONE Window only…
==> Copy the contents of the old profile over the new profile.
Go to terminal. Type “Thunderbird -P” and choose the new Profile as standard auto start.

Result: only one Window opens. Problem solved, Reason unknown. How knows, welcome!
No solution – only workaround!!

It would be good practise to place the solution in a second post as it then could be marked as solution. :wink:

Let my tell you: “Workaround” is NOT a “Solution”
Solution is still pending :innocent:

Did you double-click to start Thunderbird? If Gnome is configured with single-click to open an app, double-clicking can open two windows in some circumstances.

Just an observation, no solution (or workaround).

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Definitly NO – starting from Terminal / shell = same result.
Looks like problem is bound to the profile-name:
if changed, (and the profiles.ini is edited ) the problem disappears.
(Hijacking of profile ???)