Thunderbird should start on the left screen

Hello everyone,

I have two monitors. Now I also want to automatically start Thunderbird on the left screen. This also works if I move the mouse to the left screen when starting the PC and enter my password.
But the login window is always shown to me on the right screen and I have to move the mouse cursor to the left screen, then it disappears. Even then, Thunderbird starts on the left screen.

I have already set the left screen as the main monitor, but Thunderbird still starts on the right screen without my mouse cursor movement.

Now this is a bit of a problem, but it bothers me that I can’t get it done! Do you have any idea that Thunderbird always starts automatically on the left screen?

In ligtdm I don’t have multiple monitors configured.

Maybe xfwm4-tweaks-settings can help. You can have there different settings how windows can be open:


Otherwise, my thunderbird always open where I last left off.

Thank you! I looked through the window management settings and didn’t find anything that would solve the problem.

Update: Now it worked once. In the window management I have now activated: “Focus by mouse click” and deactivated: “Focus follows mouse pointer”. Let’s see …

it worked! Thank you, I knew where to look! :+1:

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