Thunderbird resetting system after latest update

After the last system and software update, Thunderbird now resets the system shortly after getting the mail. No other software is performing like this. I have tried downgrading to an earlier version with the same result. Searches have not suggested any similar problems to this. I am running Manjaro 22.1.0, XFCE 4.18.3 on a Ryzen7 with NvidiaGTX1050Ti. Any suggestions would be helpful. Journalctl has not provided any error solution either.


So … if thunderbird is open and you recieve mail the system restarts?

Yes, the system restarts but it is not like a manual restart. The screen goes black and then comes back on with all apps back to boot up settings and appearance. It is quite frustrating. I can only view the mail list and possibly one mail before reset. This only occurs in Thunderbird.

Does this occur with a fresh thunderbird profile?
Any errors when launching thunderbird from terminal?
Any journal errors?
Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration under Settings-General?

Thanks for the tips. It was stable when started from the terminal and a fresh profile has provided a stable app from the gui. It has been a while since going through all the different methods to find a solution and I do appreciate your input.
Thanks again!

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