Hi there all, new member here and soon to be new Manjaro user, yeah so I’m a bit over Win11 and so I’ve been getting thing ready to go to Linux

Got a question about Thunderbird, I have my own email server/Domain so can I use the “” that is generated by Thunderbird in Win11 and use it to setup Thunderbird in Manjaro ?, basically just to save time having to setup Thunderbird all over again, cheers and thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome or welcome-soon,

Theoretically you should be able to.

Realistically there are often mismatches in things like versions.

See for example this:

For whatever its worth the Archwiki suggests using an extension:

Thanks, one less thing to have to think about :slight_smile:

I typically archive the entire Thunderbird folders heirarchies, from AppData\Roaming and AppData\Local (as rar or tar), and extract them to appropriate locations in the new OS. There is potential risk transferring from Windows to Linux, however, I’ve had no significant issues in the past.

That said, using the official Export Tool provided by (predominantly Mozilla) is likely the safest method when dealing with foreign platforms. Specifically backing up and restoring your Thunderbird data, without accompanying leftovers from a completely different OS, is preferred. There was a ‘Profile Backup’ addon at one time which worked with both Thunderbird and Firefox; a little searching would be needed.

Here are some related links:

Good luck.